Swimmer PBs & Rankings

Find a BASC swimmers ASA Number if required from the table below

Adesola, TaraSE Club Train1700011F
Badawy, OmarSE Club Train1712444O
Baker, Tillie-RoseSE Club Compete1688256F
Bates, LeighaSE Club Train1725978F
Bertasiute, ElitaSE Club Train1691755F
Bond, LewisSE Club Compete1473226O
Bond, ThomasSE Club Compete1634363O
Boxall, HarrisonSE Club Compete1666813O
Boxall, LucySE Club Compete1616855F
Brant, OliverSE Club Train1634124O
Brazier, JessicaSE Club Compete1467692F
Bremner, HannahSE Club Compete1203689F
Brun, FlorenceSE Club Compete1500654F
Bryant, FredSE Club Train1719484O
Chapman, IsabelleSE Club Compete1395371F
Chapple, NevaehSE Club Train1718721F
Chedgey, EthanSE Club Compete1634150O
Chedgey, JensonSE Club Compete1613541O
Coleman, AniyaSE Club Compete1483816F
Cornish, RorySE Club Compete1600222O
Crawford, MollySE Club Compete1489410F
Dennis, MaddySE Club Train1717937F
Dickinson, JackSE Club Train1725982O
Dome, LillaSE Club Train1725980F
Doolan, AlexisSE Club Train1704649F
Druce-Morgan, NoahSE Club Compete1578317O
Dunn, RhiaSE Club Compete1436837F
Eelae, PhilippaSE Club Train1720974F
Ensor, BethanieSE Club Compete1602945F
Ensor, ElanieSE Club Compete1590665F
Evans, LolaSE Club Compete1654275F
Fifield, KatieSE Club Compete1435497F
Flannigan, KaitlynSE Club Compete1187851F
Garrington, HeidiSE Club Train1693040F
Garrington, MillieSE Club Compete1473215F
Gibbon, EllaSE Club Compete1492801F
Glassup, CharlieSE Club Compete1370310O
Glassup, LillySE Club Train1600220F
Glynn, OliverSE Club Train1594487O
Greaves, WilliamSE Club Compete1432459O
Grewcock, DominicSE Club Compete1688257O
Handel, AlfieSE Club Train1718135O
Hayes, AidenSE Club Compete1386410O
Hayes, EmilySE Club Compete1590656F
Hayes, RickySE Club Compete5735O
Head, MaxSE Club Compete1325883O
Higgins, CharlotteSE Club Compete1573043F
Hill, RichardSE Club Compete17064O
Hooper, EthanSE Club Compete1489411O
Howe, FayeSE Club Compete1676042F
Huggins, MaltidaSE Club Compete1452478F
Hughes, EmilySE Club Compete1264513F
Hunt, DulcieSE Club Train1703521F
Iles, GeorgeSE Club Compete1518575O
Iles, MatildaSE Club Compete1594484F
Ingram, JensonSE Club Compete1666650O
Isakovs, DanielSE Club Compete1662766O
Isakovs, MatveySE Club Compete1702861O
James, FrankieSE Club Train1666651F
Jenkins, SummerSE Club Train1706891F
Jennings, FreyaSE Club Compete1269261F
Johnson, KeiraSE Club Compete1468782F
Jones, ElizabethSE Club Compete1439074F
Kane, TheoniSE Club Compete1300959F
Keirle, JosephSE Club Compete1473212O
Krawczyk, MariaSE Club Train1677629F
Lacy-Hulbert, SofiaSE Club Compete1340032F
Larcombe, MacySE Club Compete1225764F
Lee, AlexSE Club Compete1668218O
Lewis, AaliyahSE Club Train1725979F
Lewis, AmeliaSE Club Compete1590655F
Livingstone, OscarSE Club Train1681871O
Lodge, EmiliaSE Club Compete1314031F
Loosemore, EvieSE Club Compete1425362F
Loveridge, EsmeSE Club Compete1694038F
Lyjak, MagdalenaSE Club Compete1495792F
Lyjak, MichalSE Club Compete1370314O
Lynd, SofiaSE Club Compete1370307F
Maestri, AlistairSE Club Train1725981O
Maestri, IsabellaSE Club Compete1666653F
Maties, Medeea AndreeaSE Club Train1691374F
Munoz-Moreno, ErnestoSE Club Compete1623960O
Notaro, OliviaSE Club Train1704651F
Notaro, RoccoSE Club Compete1704648O
Nurse, HarrySE Club Train1679792O
O'brien, BrodySE Club Compete1666655O
O'dell-Notaro, AquillaSE Club Compete1657559F
O'dell-Notaro, BellaSE Club Compete1657560F
O'reilly, NoahSE Club Compete1456211O
Odins, Logan-JamesSE Club Train1669812O
Parker, TylerSE Club Train1634362O
Parsons, FlorenceSE Club Compete1455431F
Pearce, ImogenSE Club Compete1445088F
Pop, DavidSE Club Compete1370817O
Pop, GeorgeSE Club Train1634152O
Priddy, MatthewSE Club Compete1345405O
Prothero, MalakaiSE Club Compete1325876O
Redman, DaisySE Club Compete1445086F
Richards, CadySE Club Compete1646479F
Rigby, RupertSE Club Train1709574O
Robins, WillSE Club Compete1335407O
Rock, AvaSE Club Compete1473234F
Rogers, MontagueSE Club Train1707138O
Rouse, MatildaSE Club Compete1622741F
Rybinska, NataliaSE Club Compete1518570F
Skrabe, MaksmilianSE Club Train1642206O
Steed, LeoSE Club Compete1479727O
Stojic, DanielSE Club Compete1688255O
Stuttaford, WillamSE Club Compete1301803O
Summerhayes, LilySE Club Train1666652F
Thomas, FreyaSE Club Compete1642200F
Thorn, LolaSE Club Train1706893F
Thorne, ThomasSE Club Train1622129O
Tottle, FlynnSE Club Compete1590652O
Tottle, HeathSE Club Compete1508135O
Towells, AlexanderSE Club Compete857646O
Tucker, JosephSE Club Train1711237O
Vearncombe, CameronSE Club Compete926959O
Webber, GeorgeSE Club Compete1473198O
Wilson, OliverSE Club Compete1594486O
Wintle, BethSE Club Compete1662760F
Winwood, NateSE Club Train1654276O
Wong, RyanSE Club Train1662758O
Wong, VincentSE Club Train1719485O
Wright, EmilySE Club Compete1473214F
Wright, PhoebeSE Club Compete1339643F

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