Our pre-squad is aimed at swimmers that can swim a minimum of 25m in two recognisable strokes. While they are in pre-squad swimmers will work towards bespoke levels which are aligned to the Swim England Learn to Swim Programme stages 5+. We recommend that children still learning to swim or attending our pre-squad attend twice weekly to ensure they progress steadily, if these are evenly distributed throughout the week it helps to reinforce teaching points and reduces the chance of swimmers forgetting what they have been taught from one lesson to the next.

There is no expectation for swimmers to compete for the club but that’s not to say they can’t either, swimmers will be encouraged to enter the clubs own annual championships and time trial events as well as other relevant team galas.

The pre-squad directly feeds into the clubs Junior Squad. To find out more about how swimmers are moved within the junior and squad structure please download the swimmer journey.

The Swimmer Journey










6-6.45 or 6.45-7.30




The number of sessions a swimmer can attend is reflected in the price paid. All swimmers should swim twice weekly, this can be twice directly through the club or by swimming once a week with 1610 and or SASP and once weekly with the club. Swimmers not swimming with one of the clubs learn to swim partners will need to swim twice weekly.


Swimmer can access up to 3 hours pool time depending on the package a parent takes out for their swimmer.

The clubs pre-squad forms the Fundamentals section of long-term athlete development often referred to as the athlete development support pathway.

Pre-Squad Training Schedule & Cost

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