Injuries Policy

Note from Head Coach – Ricky

Over the last few months, the coaching team have noticed an increase in the number of swimmers explaining on the night that they are injured and cannot complete all of a session or can only stay for part of a session.

While we appreciate that this is sometimes unavoidable, we are also worried that it is becoming disruptive to other swimmers, and we wanted to therefore just remind you all of why it is important that we are informed properly about injuries in good time as far as is possible. We’d also encourage you to make sure that information is provided to us by parents rather than swimmers themselves.

When swimmers are in sessions, the coaches have legal responsibilities such as loco parentis and safeguarding which means we are obligated to take concerns about injuries seriously. The information attached has been put together to help you understand the parameters we work within so that you can ensure our coaches have the relevant information they need and to look after the wellbeing of all the swimmers in each session.