Ricky’s Routines

Thank you to Ricky for issuing these routines during the period 1610 is closed. This page shows the routines as they are issued, later routines are at the bottom of the page, earlier ones at the top.

Given the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, swimmers still need to have fun and be part of our clubs ‘at home’ fitness routines. Ricky, our Head Coach, has very kindly put some together which can be accessed from the links below.

Needless to say, we really want to see some great videos posted to the Facebook BASC members page called Bridgwater Swim. So let the fun and the exercise commence and share those videos.

The first video from Ricky on Sun 21st March 2020

All club members are very welcome

It’s back but without the pool and in the comfort of your own homes. Ricky will host the club night live over the internet using a website or app called Zoom. Here is the link but you’ll need the ID and password which were in the club members email and on the Bridgwater Swim Facebook page.

The direct web link to Friday Club Night is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/207904328?pwd=ZlNVdmloTWRGMjJsOXdQenF5NnlPZz09

Ricky will be rehearsing hard to get some great routines for everyone to follow and hopefully have great fun. As always, keep sharing videos to to the club Facebook page ‘Bridgwater Swim’ and let’s really show what a great team and club we are.

The really great thing about this is that you’ll also be able see and hear everyone else, and they can see and hear you!

Here is The Matrix Challenge starring Ricky Hayes – posted on 25/3/20


Don’t forget to do a raiser activity first.

What you need to do is in the video below…

The Matrix challenge video 25th March 2020

Squad / Performance – complete two of each moves in row before moving on to the next move.

Pre-Squad / Juniors – complete one of each move before moving on to the next move.

Once you have completed all moves see if you can repeat without rest. Ricky is looking for who can do the most press ups without rest. Top three to be announced for Squad / Performance and separate top three for Pre-Squad / Juniors.

The moves are….Base position – normal press up
Right hand higher than left hand
Left hand higher than right hand
Wide position
Narrow position – fingers touching
Back to base with a 45degree external rotation
Base with a full external rotation
Base with a 45degree internal rotation
Base with a full internal rotation

Please post videos to our Facebook page ‘Bridgwater Swim’ or send them to Ricky via email or social media if you are shy but want to enter the competition.

There will be prizes for the top three when we return to swimming but to enter Ricky needs video proof 😉 !

More Ricky’s Routines below which were issued on 26th March 2020.

Please see Ricky’s latest video below. This includes three new exercises which are especially good for the younger swimmers (Pre-Squad / Junior Squad) all the swimmers should join in though.

Start with a raiser activity then:

2 x 12 reps abs sequence
2 x 12 opposite arm and legs
2 x 12 tuck to pike balance

Rest for 20secs in between.

26th March – video from Ricky

31st March 2020 – More Ricky’s Routines

This is an extension to the first three moves set in the last video so you need to do:

Raiser for a warm up
2 x 12 abs sequence
2 x 12 opposite arm and leg
2 x 12 tuck to pike balance
2 x 12 Pike Balance to Streamline
2 x 12 Swimmers Press Up
2 x 12 Squats

Rest 15-20 secs between sets

Remember these are great for the younger swimmers especially pre-squad and junior squad but squad and performance should also do them.

Ricky’s Routines 31st March

Watch this space for more exercises coming soon