Parents/Guardians at 1610 for club training sessions

A massive thank you to everyone involved with our club for sticking so brilliantly to the ‘no spectator’ rule at both 1610 and Quantock Lodge. Swim England have made a change to their club guidelines which means (for 1610 only at present) that we can now alter the club COVID rules from Monday 17th May. The rules at Quantock Lodge have not been changed due to the different and smaller layout of the pool area.
*** FROM MON 17th MAY AT 1610 ***
Parents/guardians are once again very welcome to attend any 1610 club pool training session subject to the following points….

  • Face coverings are mandatory unless you are exempt.
  • Social distancing rules must be observed
  • No groups of more than 6 (or 2 households)
  • Spectators must sit in the spectator area or café; spectators are not permitted beyond the barriers.
  • 1610 staff will enforce limits to ensure social distancing, so please adhere to and fully co-operate with, the centre’s rules at all times.
  • The 7pm-7.20pm Fri land training (squad & performance) is still a ‘no spectator’ session, but when those swimmers pool train from 7.30pm spectators are welcome in 1610.

I hope you enjoy being back and once again thank you so much for your patience and understanding.