Junior Squad

Our junior squad is the first competitive squad within the club structure, and aims to introduce swimmers to competition softly if they haven’t already experience this so far. Swimmers must achieve a certain speed before they will be accepted into the squad as well as being to at the least the standard of stage 7 of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. To find out more about how swimmers are moved within the junior and squad structure please down load the squad guidelines and swimmer progression model here.

For committed swimmers at the right ability there are opportunities to increase training through the club network for more information please speak with our Head Coach, Ricky.

The clubs Junior Squad forms the swim skills section of long term athlete development. For more information about LTAD please follow this link http://www.swimming.org/assets/uploads/library/NOV13_Addition_SuccessisLongTerm-_Final__With_BAGCAT_Rules_2010_2.pdf