Performance Squad

Currently the highest squad available at the club. Please view full Performance squad details in the Swimmer Journey document.

The Swimmer Journey

To be considered for the group, swimmers must be able to demonstrate and maintain all the following guidelines as set out below.

  • Demonstrate a good and positive attitude to training
  • Demonstrate good and positive application to training
  • Demonstrate dedication to swimming
  • Be a minimum of 12 years of age
  • Commitment – Swimming should be the swimmer’s highest priority outside of education, and swimmers are expected to attend 100% of training*
  • *It is permitted for this to drop to 75% during main exam periods.
  • Deciding to join performance squad must be led by the swimmer as it is the swimmer that will need to show and be committed to all the above guidelines, therefore regardless of ability Swimmers will not be made to join Performance Squad.
  • In order to demonstrate commitment swimmers and or parents will need to express an interest in being promoted to Performance Squad.
  • Where possible swimmers will need to demonstrate the above guidelines for a sustained period before being promoted to this group.
  • Swimmers that do not maintain the guidelines will be moved back to Squad.
  • Swimmers that wish to continue to swim and race but feel their commitment levels have changed can opt to be moved back to Squad.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Rich Hill will continue with the S&C training at 1610 on Tuesdays from 6.30 — 7.30pm. This session is free of charge and open to all Junior / Squad and Performance swimmers.

Performance Squad Training Schedule & Cost

Click on the link below to find out the current cost of being a member of this squad and when the training times are.

Additional Training Available