Funeral of former Chief Coach – Brian Bewley

Our current Head Coach, Ricky Hayes has written the following.

“Today (7th Jan 2021) was former BASC Chief Coach, Brian Bewley’s funeral. Brian passed away on the 6th December 2020. Despite the current circumstances I was able to attend Brian’s funeral to pay my respects. While it was sad to say goodbye to Brian, who was such an important member of the swimming community, it was also a great privilege to be able to attend and reflect on memories of Brian. 

From knowing Brian, it was obvious to me that he was a true gentleman keen to help and see people develop knowledge and skills. My own experience of Brian was of him always being keen to support. This was epitomised by the eulogy written by Brian’s son Chris. From the eulogy it was clear that Brian was a great believer and really valued traditions. Prior to the funeral Chris asked me if Bridgwater still continued the tradition of the Oggy, and I was pleased to confirm that our club continued this tradition very strongly.

Brian was a massive contributor to swimming in Somerset and across the region, always keen and willing to give. He helped in a many great ways and will be greatly missed.”


There is one last thing to do in his memory in true Bridgwater tradition (feel free to join in over social media and the web):