Four Seasons Gala 17th Nov 2019

Note from Ricky

Congratulations to all the swimmer that raced at the Four Seasons Gala. Jenny has told me how proud she was of all of the swimmers and what a brilliant team the swimmers were in embracing the Bridgwater spirit that our club approaches galas and meets with.

Note from Jenny

I just wanted to say how proud I am of the swimmers who took part in the 4 season gala. You all swam well and the club spirit was very much alive and kicking. Please be very proud of yourselves. I would like to thank parents for their support today by bringing their children to the gala and for cheering them on throughout the gala, so Thank you.

I would also like to say big thank you’s to the following people:

Ginnette Towells and Ian Head for being our officials, Daisy, Ben and Orlana for helping to organise the team for their races and Jackie Parker for being a great mentor and helping to organise the team for this gala.