BASC committee members

A big thank you to everyone who attended the AGM. Minutes will be sent out in due course and the committee members details updated below with the changes.

Please find below names and roles of our committee members prior to the 2019 AGM and team captains of the club. Update to follow in due course.

  Chair- Gin Towells

 Vice Chair- Helen Kirk

  Treasurer- Alana

Vice Treasurer – TBC

  Secretary- Jane Bennie

Welfare Officer- Kelly Short

  Membership Secretary- Heather Prothero

  Competition Secretary- Debbie Robins & Alana Head

General members –

  Martin Kemp, Katy Coate, Greg Kyd, Rich Hill

Club Captains – Alex Towells

Hannah Bremner

Vice Captains –   Ben Towells

Isobel Brown

Our coaches are:

 Head Coach – Ricky Hayes

Deputy Coach – Ange Robertson